The Common House (or parts thereof) may be rented out to residents, groups or individuals. 


There are 3 steps to reserving the Common House:

1. See if the space is available - as you look at the calendar, make sure that the drop down menu on the left (next to "month") has "All Categories" selected so that you can see all that is on the calendar.  

* Please Note: If there is a workshop or class booked in the multipurpose room, we will not be booking a party, or loud event on the main level as sound carries too easily through the floor.  Please take note of all events when you make your plans and requests.

2. Reserve the space To reserve the Common House, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. Please be specific and include set-up and clean-up time.  As a member of the Nyland Community, you can add events to the calendar, however, they are not actual reservations for space in the common house unless you complete the form below and submit it, along with your hold harmless agreement.

3. Sign and return the Hold Harmless Agreement (this is required of ALL events held in the common house)  Your reservation will not be considered final until your agreement has been received.

* Please note that Martial Arts classes, workshops, and other martial arts activities are not allowed in the Common House due to insurance restrictions.

4. Publicize your Event (if you want to) Simply reserving the common house doesn’t mean anyone will know about your event. If you’re holding an event, meeting or meal and want to promote it to other Nylanders, one thing you can do is to list your event on the online calendar. Follow this link to the online calendar, and click “Add Event” in the upper right corner.

IMPORTANT: Creating an event on the calendar does NOT reserve the common house! Make sure you complete the form below, or you haven’t reserved anything.

OTHER INFORMATION ON COMMON HOUSE RESERVATIONS Rooms are typically reserved together by levels to prevent issues with noise or having people walk through your group to access another area.

Upper Level - (Meeting room and Meditation Room)
Main Level - (Dining Room and Kitchen and Fireplace and Kids' Room)
Lower Level - (Craft Room and Multipurpose Room)

Please Note that Common meals take precedence on Sundays from 3:00pm until 8:00pm and if there is a cook team in the kitchen, the sound of a meal-in-the-making will be heard throughout the main level.  Meals, if they spontaneously arise, may not always be listed on the calendar.

There may be a fee for your use of the Common House, depending on whether it is for Nyland residents only or includes people who live elsewhere, and whether you are charging money or expect to earn money from your event.  Please remember to CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR EVENT.  Leave the space in better condition than you found it.  And BE SURE YOUR GUESTS ARE PARKING ALONG NYLAND WAY, NOT IN RESIDENT LOTS!  If you have any questions, please include them in your request.

*Please note! All fields of this form MUST be completed or you will receive an error message and redirected to an error page, this means you did not complete the form in its entirety, or you did not use the expected format (d/m/yy for dates) - please try again. 

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A hold harmless agreement is required for all events where non-Nyland residents will be attending.  If your event is a "Nyland Community Event" you will not need to submit the hold harmless form. click here to download the HHA from our website: 

If your event will have attendees from elsewhere, please complete the hold harmless form and submit it here.

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If your event is a series, you may submit your hold harmless agreement for the entire series.  Please indicate here if you are submitting it in another way:

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