Welcome to Nyland's Common House

The common house of the Nyland cohousing community is available for rental by both resident and non-resident, however, residents always take priority.

There are four primary areas for rental as well as two guest rooms for overnight guest housing.

The Common House has "quiet hours" between 10 pm and 7 am. If a party or event is scheduled to continue after 10 pm, the Guest rooms will need to be reserved as well. Community events do not require the guest room rental fee; private events do.

Reservations are required for sleeping in ANY area of the Common House. This includes group slumber parties, individuals, etc.

This website has been developed to aid in the reservation process for both common house rental and guest room rental. 

Please make sure you read all the infomation on the website before making your reservations.  Once you have submitted your reservation request, you will receive an email confirmation with important information as well as your requested reservation. Within 1-2 days you will receive a second email confirming that your reservation has been entered into our calendar. We ask at that time that you go in and confirm that the reservation has been correctly entered.  If you do not hear back by day 3, please resubmit your request.